Drop off and pick up

Our afternoon pick-up line is longer than last year.

While we are very thankful that you are diligent about buckling your child in their car seat, we respectfully ask that you pull into a parking place to do so.  

It is important that you do not get out of your vehicle while in the pick-up line as this backs up the line into the road.

Our priority is to keep our students safe and it takes all of us to do that.

You are welcome to park in the parking spaces near the field after you have gone through the pick-up line to get out and buckle your child.


The same is true when you are dropping off your child in the morning. Students need to exit from the passenger side of the vehicle.


We also request that beginning Monday, that you do not walk your child to the front door. We have several staff members located in various places to assist your little ones.

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